Echoes of the past: Do you recognise anyone from this photo?

Do you recognise anyone form this Christmas photo?
Do you recognise anyone form this Christmas photo?

I am going to close 2016 with this mystery photograph. Taken at Christmas time, but where is it and what year was it taken?

There are about 60 children and looking how some of the children are holding hands with some of the younger ones, and the likeness they are obviously brothers and sisters.

But where is it taken? - on the back wall is a large board with children’s names on dating back to the 1930s. Against some of the names it is recorded they were awarded a County Minor Scholarship. Some of the children are heading for gramma schools at Rastrick, Hipperholme and Bradford. But do you know where this board is now or was when this photograph was taken?

I have seen similar boards in the old Brighouse Adult Education Centre at was in my 1960s school days was the St Martin’s Secondary School in Church Lane. The window on the right also looks familiar from my school days. Being one of those kind of window that you can only partly open on some sloping brackets. A good crime prevention measure, even back in those days to prevent someone climbing through.

Some readers may also find the Christmas trimmings looking decidedly familiar, just as I do, being a child of the 1950s. That was back in the days when the daisy chain trimmings you had to make yourselves.

As we move into 2017 take a long look at this photograph, you may just see yourself or one of your relatives. If you do please let me know by e-mailing: or telephone 01422-205763.

...and finally, I send you all Best Wishes for 2017 and look forward to bringing you more memories by looking back at some of the people, places and events that have helped to make our community what it is today....