Echoes of the past: Diamond year for Field Lane School

The opening of Field Lane School back in 1956
The opening of Field Lane School back in 1956

October 11 1956 meant it was a special anniversary for Field Lane Junior and Infant School – this month is the 60th anniversary of the school opening.

Our story starts in 1953 when the development of the new Field Lane estate was well underway. With the new houses many of the new tenants had small children and any new large estate also needs a new school. The planning stage and building of the school began in 1954 and then at 2.30pm, Thursday 11 October 1956 the big day finally arrived.

As the school hall filled up with guests and parents the school choir sang a selection of nursery rhymes.

Once the formal introductions had been made it was Brighouse Alderman Edwin Rigby Hinchliffe (who was awarded the OBE in 1960) in his role as Chairman of the Ashlar Divisional Executive, who had the honour of declaring the new school open.

Sixty years have gone by since that opening ceremony. I wonder if any readers were there on that first day at the school.

If you were I would be pleased to hear your memories from all those years ago. Please contact me by e-mail: (or by telephone 07854755756) if you were there on the first day or in the early days.

This is a photograph taken in one of the class rooms showing some of the youngest children attending in the first term the school was opened.

Sadly, I have no names of any of the children - perhaps you might see yourself in the picture though.