Echoes of the past: Charity stall outside Town Hall

Sadly charity stalls are a thing of the past
Sadly charity stalls are a thing of the past

It does not seem that many years ago that a Saturday would not go by without seeing the familiar charity stall at the back of the town hall in Market Street.

It always attracted the crowds, particularly when the sale of cakes and buns were involved.

Many local charities benefitted from the efforts of those people who worked on the different stalls over the years.

Sadly, it is a thing of the past now. But as a reminder of those happy days when you were always sure of a smile from the stallholders. Here is a group of enthusiastic stallholders caught on camera on 7 September 1991. Yes 26 years ago, if you say it quickly, it’s not that long ago.

Left to right: Anne Inwood; Jan Morris; Rita Godding; Anne Heap; Jack Heap and Lynne Thompson. Alas, I have no details of the customer smiling for the camera - could this be you, or perhaps a relative of yours?