Echoes of the past: Changes to a snowy Norwood Green Hill

Norwood Green Hill
Norwood Green Hill

Norwood Green hill on a wintery day in the 1960s - things have certainly changed since this was taken. Starting from the bridge in the bottom of the photograph Spring Garden’s to the left just over the bridge appears not as it is today.

There is no Queens Road and barely any properties looking up from the bottom of the hill to almost to the top. Over the last 50 years the hill top village has certainly seen many changes.

I remember walking through the village passing the village school, the Ellis Jubilee clock tower and calling in at the Co-op. Visiting the Village Hall as a guest speaker for the Good Companions and other small groups where I was always assured of a warm welcome. Attending village meetings to talk about local crime problems. These were always difficult subjects, when you are trying your best to do something about the problems.

Next was St George’s the small village church which was opened in 1906, sadly another local land mark that is no more. It is good to see the building is still there as a reminder of the old days. The United Reform Church was another local church where not only did villagers receive their spiritual needs but also many happy hours taking part in and watching social activities.

Passing the Old White Beare, which is still doing good business and along with the Pear Tree in Station Road are now the only two pubs or perhaps in the 21st century we should call them bar and restaurant facilities. The others were the Old Coley Mill Inn aka T’ Wheel Hoile then there was Lane Ends which closed in 1955 and was at the end of Sowden Lane.

Before I left the village in my policing days I would always call in at the Post Office in Prospect Place, sadly another public service that has passed into the history books.