Echoes of the past: Bell ringing isn’t as easy as it looks

Bell ringers at St Matthew's Church in Lightcliffe
Bell ringers at St Matthew's Church in Lightcliffe

It is funny how experts or those who have been doing something for a long time make a task look so easy. I recently attended a funeral and heard the church bells ringing both before and after the service.

Looking round the church at other members of the congregation I noticed the band of bell ringers busy ringing the bells at the back of the church in what I believe is called the ringing chamber . Watching for a few minutes I thought to myself how they made it look so easy.

I almost felt like having a go but then I remembered watching bell ringers on the television when things have not gone as it should have. Ringing out of turn or pulling it so hard you end up going up with the rope. Or worse the bell comes crashing down. No not for me!, I think I’ll stick to watching and enjoy listening to the experts doing it.

This week’s photograph dating back to January 1983 shows the expert band of bell ringers at Lightcliffe St Matthew’s Church. They are Peter Kirby, Arthur Talbot, Andrew Ray, Katie Boylan, Judith Talbot and Jean Howard. Whilst some have retired Peter, Arthur and Jean are still members of the bell ringing band.