Echoes of the past: Are all of these sights really in Lightcliffe?

Lightcliffe greetings card
Lightcliffe greetings card

Greetings from Lightcliffe .... This multi-view card is the kind of postcard that is still widely available on holiday.

Another popular form of local greeting was the Christmas card with reference to the place you are sending it from. The makers would manufacture the greeting card with a template that could include any name whether it be Brighouse, Rastrick or even Cornwall, as I received this year.

This Lightcliffe multi-view has five local views but interestingly only two of them are actually in Lightcliffe. The top left is Sutcliffe Wood Bottom which now is postally Brighouse. The very sight of this property will conjure up the days of long walks into the Walterclough Valley on route to Sunny Vale. At this time of year with the amusement park closed many would be going down to the lakes to go ice skating. I have always been led to believe the two lakes were frozen every year, a nice thought but sounds unlikely.

The top right is described as Coach Road End, that too is not in Lightcliffe. It is strictly speaking in Hove Edge which postally again is in Brighouse. This small image shows people standing in the middle of the road. Long before any of the streets were built or the golf club became such a popular attraction. The people would be looking across the open fields towards Crow Nest mansion in whose grounds the golf course now stands.

Bottom right is Judy Bridge which is in Norwood Green, a location that many will have walked and enjoyed the woodland scenes.

Bottom left is Sutherland Road which is in Lightcliffe. This road takes its name from the Sutherland-Walker family who were once the owners of Crow Nest. The Walker family can be traced back to 1650 in Scholes, near Cleckheaton (the Walker’s Arms pub in the village is named after this same family). Then a branch of the family moved into Walterclough Valley and finally to Lightcliffe. By 1867 this family had left the area to live at Skibo Castle in Scotland.

..and finally the centre image is Lightcliffe C of E School. This has links to the Sutherland - Walker family as well. It was Evan Charles Sutherland-Walker who gave money towards the school being built. His initials can be seen on the front of the building.

Collecting multi-view postcards, particularly these coloured massed produced ones even though it may be small scale production. Can always be picked up quite cheap on internet auction websites or postcard fairs. I believe the real interest is when you have this one and then to go on and have the single view postcards of all the five images.

For those readers that have any of these multi-views, don’t imagine they will bring you a small fortune. Just appreciate them for the views. It is also quite often the personal message on the back that is often the most interesting aspect.

Enjoying a holiday in Blackpool perhaps, or even a set of postcards at the time of war. They are an insight, or perhaps a window into the social history of the time and are certainly worth keeping.