Cutting centenary cake

Centenary birthday cake
Centenary birthday cake
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In 1931 Brighouse Parish Church celebrated its centenary. The alterations to make the tower as the main entrance to the church and dedication of a new font by Bishop Hone of Pontefract were two of the main celebratory events.

The centenary week that November was packed with special events, each day having a character of its own. One of the days focused on missionary work of the church and another the work of the day schools.

But for all that you can’t have a birthday and certainly not a centenary birthday without a cake. Well here it is remembered in this postcard - the cake that was made for that special occasion 83 years ago. Each tier was inscribed in icing, reminding us of the occasion. The top tier says Brighouse, the next one says Parish Church, the next 1831 Centenary 1931 and finally the bottom tier Birthday Cake.

Now I wonder how many pieces that was cut into?