Co-op was an ‘institution’

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The Co-op became an institution in Brighouse from almost the first day it opened in 1856.

Over the years it instigated many changes particularly in the shopping habits of the local populace and availability of shops through its branch network.

The last Chief Executive Officer at the Co-op was Walter Bond who like his predecessors steered the Co-op through many changes. One of if not the biggest and probably most controversial change was in October 1968 with the demise of the old Co-op dividend. The Co-op dividend or ‘Divi’ as we all used to call it was an institution in itself and the decision was taken that it was to be replaced. The initial worries were soon forgotten because the issuing of stamps became a runway success.

Gradually as the years rolled by the Co-op went through a period of contraction with many of the old branches being closed down.

It was during the 1970’s that many of the smaller

Co-operative Societies were either being closed down or merged with others larger societies.

The Brighouse Co-op also had a thriving Co-op Guild but it too had to call it a day.