Clocking off – with a bit of a do

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There was a time when most firms presented employees with an award of some kind for their long service.

This was quite often a gold watch with an appropriate inscription on the back, a cash award or a Westminster chime mantle clock.

But how often do these presentations take place these days?

How many people for example, compared to not that many years ago stay as long as 20 or 25 years with one company any more?

Leaving school in the 1960s in most cases we started work and stayed at the same company for years, in some cases for the rest of your working life.

Nowadays if you can get a new job you are actively encouraged to work at numerous jobs in the first few years of your working life.

You have to have experience – is what they say now, but when I left school in the mid 1960s if you worked at a number of different places you were often referred to as “A waster, can’t hold a job down”, how times have changed.

This photograph from 1977 shows the traditional presentation to a long standing work colleague who is retiring. The recipient holds his presentation gifts, a clock and a radio.

But who is the recipient, were you at this presentation?

If you were, did you stay long enough to have a similar presentation?

Locally larger firms on the scale of Blakeborough’s would hold presentation evenings when all the recipients would not only receive a gift but a special award marking the occasion as well.

On top of that there would be a sit-down table and fork meal with partners and wives also in attendance.

The evening would be completed with some entertainment – a night to remember.