Change and pause for parking . . .

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I visited the town centre a few days ago and having driven to the Bethel Street car park which had no spaces available I then drove round the town centre three or four times with the same result.

It was good to see the town centre so busy but it took another few circuits to get a parking space.

How things have changed since the early 1970s when the bypass was completed, it is hard to imagine that some people were actually going round saying it was a complete waste of money and far too expensive. If those people were still around I wonder what they would say today if they could see the town centre now and then try to imagine it without the bypass.

This photograph was taken 1958 in King Street by the late Roy Black and it looks as though he would have stood in the middle of the road to take it. Judging from the snow in the road the gritter wagon has not been down yet. Back in those days gritter wagons were not the kind of vehicles used today where grit is sprayed.

The Borough council grit wagon was an open wagon filled with grit and the council employees were in the back shovelling it onto the road. That was real hard work bearing in mind the conditions they would be working in during the middle of the night.

You could have called this Co-op Street instead of King Street because almost every shop was owned by the co-op. The light coloured frontage on the right hand side is the Co-ops new food hall with the Kingsway Restaurant upstairs. The large building further along that side is the St Paul’s Church which was demolished and is now the car park.

Note the street sign on the right, the top half says No Waiting and the bottom half says This Side Today and then half way down is an additional sign giving the no waiting time.

Judging from the lack of motor vehicles on this street the waiting was probably not an issue. I remember from my days in the police motorists when asked to move on, the driver often replied to the request by saying ‘Officer I am not parking I am just waiting’.

Now the wintery months are upon us let us hope the only snow we have this year is the kind we all like to see on Christmas cards.

PS - Thankyou to all those people who came to my digital slide presentation Brighouse Christmas Past at the Salvation Army Citadel as part of the Victorian Christmas weekend. Thanks also to Majors Ann and David Radford for their help on the day.