Back in the dark days of war

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A few weeks ago I showed a photograph of the Hove Edge wartime auxiliary fire service and described what life was like back in those wartime years in and around the Hove Edge district.

Unfortunately the photograph was one of those where I knew what the content was but did not know any of the volunteer firemen or where the photograph was taken.

But within hours of the Echo being on sale at the newsstands Mr Jim Maltby contacted me to say his father Jack Maltby was one of the volunteers and went on to say that not long after the photograph was taken Jack was off to war and young Jim would not see his dad again for almost eight years.

Not long after that call Mrs Shirley Foster contacted me to say that her father John Tabour was also one of the volunteers.

Both Shirley and Jim were able to say that the photograph was taken at the back of the Pond public house in Spout House Lane, Hove Edge.

The HQ for the firemen was that old barn building which was also behind the pub.

A building I can remember as I am sure many Hove Edge readers will particularly in the days when functions were held inside: birthday parties, retirement celebrations and many others. But back in the dark days of the war the building was kitted out with tables and chairs and as many home comforts as could be put together for the lads by Jim’s grandmother. It is always nice how one story can often lead to another.

Shirley produced another photograph of the auxiliary fire service showing both male and female personnel and three young people as well.

But who are they, where was the photograph taken and when was it taken (Shirley pointed out that someone had written on the back that it was about 1940 when it was taken)? – Questions that Shirley and her sister Barbara cannot answer, but can certainly recognise their father.

Can you recognise anyone from this week’s featured mystery photograph – can you help identify where it was taken – if you can please contact me on E-mail: or 01422-205763.