1940s Weekend: Streets will be packed like they were 70 years ago

Civil Defence Parade c1940
Civil Defence Parade c1940

At this year’s 1940s Weekend I am sure the streets will be just as packed as they are in this 1940s civil defence parade in Market Street, writes Chris Helme.

Interestingly on the left-hand side is the hairdressing salon of Ed Taylor, and it was here where he opened his first town centre shop. He moved to these premises from his first shop on Old Lane in June 1919.

Over the next 20 years the business of caring for both men’s and ladies’ hair became a family business.

The family business gradually became so busy that in 1958 he moved to the present day site on the corner of Bethel Street and Park Street and opened the men’s side of the business, with the ladies’ side opening the following year.

Eddie Taylor passed away in 1977 but his family have continued to uphold the tradition of Ed Taylor’s ladies and gent’s hairdressing businesses not only in Brighouse but the length and breadth of the country.

Looking at the building in the distance you can see the name of Stylo, which was a family run business which originated in 1935.

With the consolidation of three separate companies Stylo was floated on the London Stock Exchange under the trade name Stylo Boot Company (Northern) Ltd.

Having grown to 150 outlets, in 1964 Stylo bought W Barratt and Company, and merged the two businesses in Bradford. The new consolidated business began trading under the Barratt name, which resulted in the Stylo name disappearing from the high street.

To the right of Stylo, which in years to come would be Lords digital camera shop, is Hutchinson Lane, which now leads to the new bus station.

Returning to this 1940s parade, it is making its way to the open air market space, which was in Market Street.

During the late 50s and 1960s I am sure many will recall that the open space in Market Street became the location of the then new bus station.