Rastrick care home closed down after damning inspection report

A Rastrick care home has closed on the back of a report by a health watchdog after it was rated inadequate in safety, leadership and responding to the needs and care of its residents.

Friday, 24th April 2015, 10:01 am

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) carried out a comprehensive inspection at Carr Green Nursing Home in January.

The report found that the home, on Carr Green Lane, also needed to improve the effectiveness and service of care. In September 2014 the CQC found breaches of legal requirements in five areas.

These included: care and welfare; cleanliness and infection control; safety and suitability of premises; staffing and assessing; and monitoring the quality of the service.

The company running the home, Flowertouch Ltd, was served warning notices for the breaches in relation to safety and suitability of premises and assessing and monitoring the quality of the service.

However, the latest inspection by the CQC said that the health provider had not met its targets.

A month later Flowertouch Ltd took the decision to close the care home.

Calderdale Council’s Head of Safeguarding and Quality, Iain Baines, said: “The safety and wellbeing of residents is our top priority.

“We had already suspended our placements at Carr Green nursing home before the Care Quality Commission (CQC) visited to assess the home and confirmed our concerns.

“We were supporting the home to make improvements and were working very closely with residents and their families to ensure their safety and wellbeing.

“The home closed in February, which was the decision of the owners. We worked with residents and their families to ensure suitable alternative homes.”

From the findings in January CQC inspectors found that fire doors that were not closing properly or were being wedged open and a current gas safety certificate and electrical installation certificate were not in place.

They also found that hot water coming out of some of the bedroom taps was in excess of 60 degrees centigrade and posed a scalding risk.

The medication system was not being managed properly and the medication policy was out of date, There were no protocols for staff to follow when giving required medication.

The report also said: “We found the service was not well led. The lack of effective quality monitoring systems meant the provider was not identifying its own deficiencies and acting upon them.

“There were significant areas which were having a detrimental impact on the care and well-being of people using the service.”

The accommodation is all on one level and consists of a lounge, dining room and 25 single bedrooms.

During the visit the number of people using the service had reduced to 15.

However despite the criticism, the report did highlight good work done by staff.

“We saw individual care workers treated people with patience, care and kindness,” the report stated.

“People using the service and visitors told us they liked the staff and found them kind and helpful.

“A visitor told us they were always made to feel welcome and found the staff friendly.

“However, we did find some practices which showed a lack of respect for people using the service.”

Carr Green Nursing Home was unavailable for comment.