Brighouse dental practice provides emergency care for refugees

The team from Town Hall Dental saw more than 100 patients in two days.
The team from Town Hall Dental saw more than 100 patients in two days.

Brighouse based private dental practice, Town Hall Dental, has returned to Calais and helped more than 100 refugees access vital dental care.

The team of 10 from Town Hall were partnered with dentists from Pure Smiles Fulham who helped provide treatment.

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The expedition was co-funded by local homeless non-profit Focus4Hope and The Town Hall Foundation, the charitable arm of the dental practice, and supported by a £2,000 donation from Moonlight Trust.

The two non-profits have previously worked together to conduct two visits to Calais this year.

Focus4Hope has conducted trips for many years, and both organisations partnered with Care4Calais, a charity based in France that collects and distributes essential supplies for the refugees there.

Town Hall Dental saw approximately 130 patients in the two-day visit, with treatments ranging from fillings to teeth extractions, the youngest patient they saw was a seven-year-old girl with a severe learning disability.

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Its work was helped by the community minibus recently launched by Focus4Hope, which was used to treat patients and was bought after a significant fundraising drive including a charity skydive and rock climb.

Rachel Dilley, co-founder of the Town Hall Foundation and practice manager of Town Hall Dental, said “It’s amazing to be back in Calais. With what we’ve learnt from our previous trips we’ve been able to help even more people access the treatment they deserve.”

Louise Reed, founder of Focus4Hope, added: “Refugees struggle to access medical services, so our aid trips are vital to ease people’s pain and show that they are cared for.” Having successfully raised the funds for the minibus, both non-profits will now be working together to purchase a fully functional dental van next year.

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