School says its goodbyes!

Two members of staff will be saying a fond farewell to Hipperholme and Lightcliffe High School after 24 years each.

Tuesday, 30th July 2013, 5:00 pm

Head of food department Glenys Webster hung up her school apron after joining the school in 1989. Colleagues and students will be sad to see her leave and her infamous exclamations such as ‘good garden peas’ will be sadly missed along with her insistence that no one could wear a red striped apron until they had earned their stripes, said Karen Rawling on behalf of the school.

“She has been without doubt one of the corner stones to the success of the Food department. Mrs Webster’s commitment towards the school goes beyond her classroom teaching, as she is often found organising the hospitality for the numerous school events and activities throughout the year. She is also an avid tennis player and has been one of the leading stars at the annual Staff Tennis Tournament, now named the Glenys Webster Cup,” she said.

The science team says a sad farewell to Penny Bell as she also hangs up her uniform – her lab coat.

She has counted her glassware and locked her cupboard for the final time as she retired after 24 years of teaching. Educated by a Nobel prize winner, Miss Bell’s passion for chemistry is well known among her students especially the A level chemists and she prides herself on every students success. 

Whenever a fellow chemistry teacher has been asked an awkward question by an A Level student, Miss Bell was the first port of call, as her knowledge and breadth of the subject matter is second to none. 

“Her commitment to the school goes beyond the science lab as she has often worked behind the scenes on school events, making sure that everything runs smoothly. She will be sadly missed at our annual primary school Science Egg Race event where she ensured that every parent and child had a cream tea of jam and scones,” said Ms Rawling. “Over the years Miss Bell has seen many changes and mastered many new technologies holding onto the core values of her teaching. 

“On behalf of the students, parents and staff we wish both Mrs Webster and Miss Bell the very best for their retirement and a safe passage for Miss Bell as she fulfils her travel dream.”