School life: Rastrick High students switch writing for reading

Pupils from year seven to year 13 stopped writing to read
Pupils from year seven to year 13 stopped writing to read

Drop and Read was used across the school, in all subjects, to help students develop their love of reading. No matter what they were doing at the time, teachers led by example and picked up their favourite book at the front of the room and all the students followed suit. From The Great Gatsby to A Kestrel for a Knave, teachers were able to give an insight to the books that they loved when teenagers and encouraged students to develop their own passion. By reading for pleasure, students gain the language skills they need to express their ideas coherently and in an articulate manner.

Quite simply, reading ability is essential for success in subjects across the school.

With questions being phrased in an increasingly literary style, it is necessary that students have the tools they need to access their course and succeed at the highest level. The manner in which students converse, through peers and social media, naturally means their vocabulary is limited to the language they are exposed to.

By breaking these boundaries with literature students gain the tools they need to achieve at the highest level; by reading through staff recommendations they are able to discover worlds far beyond their own.

Every Monday at Rastrick, students are introduced to the new Word of the Week. A challenging word is introduced to them and they are encouraged to incorporate it into their writing and verbal contributions to raise their vocabulary levels.

When students are able to express themselves with greater accuracy, they are more likely to answer with greater precision. Similarly, an improved vocabulary prepares pupils who are eager to make a good impression in their UCAS application.

Here are some of the words our students have been encouraged to use this half-term, could you accurately use them? Mendacious, Sedulous, Procure, Fervour, Stupendous, Jeopardy