Prefects elect to help new generation

This week Year 10 students at Brighouse High School have been making applications for the position of prefect. Marissa, Lauren and Connor explain why they want to take on this important role:

Wednesday, 9th July 2014, 11:00 am
Brighouse High School prefects Marissa Cox, Lauren Elsey, Connor Knight

We are keen to be prefects so that we can offer support to the new pupils who will be joining us in September. We received this support when we came up to high school and we know how important it is. We also want to set a good example to other students and to take on other roles and responsibilities.

Prefects help staff in the school to organise events such as parents evenings, and sports day and transition day. They are also the first port of call when visitors need to be shown around the school or when student input is required for interviews.

Prefects offer support, can advise younger pupils and need certain qualities in order to be able to do a good job. They need to be prepared to help in all situations and be willing to give up their free time. Prefects also need to be approachable, a good role model and to be a good listener. If you have these qualities you are encouraged to apply for the role.

There is a strict application process for Year 10 pupils who wish to become prefects. Pupils write a letter of application and are invited to interview.

Successful applicants are then informed via a letter and take part in prefect training. The first task for new prefects each year is to help on transition day when Year Six pupils make their first visit to high school. Prefects can be identified by their distinctive tie which differs from the usual school uniform.