Brighouse High celebrate young award winners

Junior Awards Evening at Brighouse High School.
Junior Awards Evening at Brighouse High School.

Students’ achievements were celebrated at the annual junior awards evening.

John Hotowka was the guest speaker at the awards evening held at Brighouse High School.

Head teacher Liz Cresswell said that the school had been invited to feature in the TV programme Educating Yorkshire and despite being keen she was persuaded by her deputies not to reply.

She told the audience of governors, staff, friends and parents that changes to league tables and assessments can put pressure on high schools to become little more than exam factories. “We are determined to resist this pressure and while everyone at Brighouse realises the value of outstanding qualifications we also recognise the importance of developing well rounded individuals who can go on to be successful in the world beyond school.

“‘Educating Brighouse’ therefore involves ensuring that our pupils have challenges beyond their classrooms.”

She said teenagers sometimes receive a bad press but in her experience the young people at Brighouse work hard and make a good contribution to their school, work hard and make a great contribution to their school and community.

“I’m sure I speak to all colleagues in the room when I say that it is a pleasure and a privilege to ‘educate Brighouse’. The pupils constantly do things that make us proud as a school and must make you proud as parents.

“Each students here thoroughly deserves the recognition they are about to receive.”

The awards are as follows:

Awards for academic achievement: art and design, Ryan Chan, Anna Pearson; drama, Jake Malkani, Rebecca Dean; English, George Atherton, Courtney Moore; geography, James Stanley, Hannah Tiffany; history, Emily Smith, Jack Dimmer; ICT, Bethany Knight, Joshua Berry; mathematics, Alexander Brook, Evie Wallace; modern languages, Connor Brown, Jemma North; music, Finn Crossley, Lauren Elsey; physical education, Ryan Chan, Zoe Horner; religious education, Jack Dimmer, Jemma North; science, Alexander Brook, Zoe Horner; technology, Connor Brown, Zoe Horner.

Awards for outstanding progress: art and design, Genevieve Ackroyd, Thomas Clark; drama, Harvey Marshall, Hannah Tiffany; English, Caitlyn O’Malley, Callum MacDonald; geography, Callum Hurst, Eleanor Cater; history, Iioni Aked, Ellis Barraclough; ICT, Clodagh Wall, Kris Fris; mathematics, Autumn Edwards, Cameron Robinson; modern languages, Harry Smith, Laura Copley; music, Joshua Berry, Scarlett Gaukrodger; physical education, Harvey Marshall, Georgina Cartwright; religious education, Sean Colleran, Bryony Rastrick; science, April Quinn, Callum MacDonald; technology, Millie Shackleton, Luke Cahill.

Academic awards: art and design, Jade Littlewood; drama, Tighe Maxwell-Whiteley; English, Connor Brown; geography, Joshua Berry; history, Rebecca Dean; ICT, Samuel Sunter; mathematics, Connor Brown; modern languages, Evie Wallace; music, Alexander Brook; physical education, Jade Littlewood; physical education, Henry Asquith; religious education, Bethany Knight; science, Emma Howson; technology, Marissa Co

The Richard Bendig Memorial Trophy - Tighe Maxwell Whiteley.

Head of Year Prizes - James Stanley, Millie Shackleton.

The Eddie Noble Prize - Finn Crossley.

Musician of the Year - Alexander Brook.

Singer of the Year - Niamh Lewis.

Year 9 Special Award - Jack Carroll.

Madeleine Brearley KS3 Prize - Connor Brown.

Nathan Jones Challenge Champion Award - Connor Timmins.

Pupil of the Year 2012-13 - Damian Wales.