Scheme for 50 home Hipperholme site rejected by councillors

Aerial shot showing the Crosslee factory
Aerial shot showing the Crosslee factory

A new housing development that would have seen up to 50 homes built next to a Hipperholme factory has been rejected by councillors.

Crosslee PLC submitted outline plans to Calderdale Council for the construction of 50 new properties on land south of Brookelands and Brighouse Road.

The proposals went before the Council’s planning committee for a third time and were refused by councillors over the concerns of increased pollution and traffic.

In the report by planning officers they had recommended for the development to be permitted subject to legal agreements.

However, in the decision notice it stated: “In the opinion of the Local Planning Authority, the additional impact of the proposed residential development of up to 50 houses would detrimentally affect the air quality of the existing residents due to the increase in traffic pollution created by the development in relation to its proximity close to the Hipperholme Air Quality Management Area.

“The safe and free flow of traffic on Brighouse Road and in the near vicinity of Hipperholme Crossroads would be severely impacted by the siting of the new access onto Brighouse Road and the increase in traffic created by the development.”

The application site was located just to the south of the centre of Hipperholme and is bordered by a railway line to the north, part of which is within the Hipperholme tunnel which runs under Brighouse Road.

The site access would have been located off Brighouse Road and to the south lies the car park for the Crosslee factory with overgrown areas of undeveloped land to the east.