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New Calderdale Council parking charges at Church Lane carpark, Brighouse
New Calderdale Council parking charges at Church Lane carpark, Brighouse

I see in last week’s Echo, January 30, that the council has totally terminated free parking around Brighouse town centre. It is a tragedy.

A local councillor has said, and I quote, “We have to make these small sacrifices for a big gain.” He is wrong.

This “small sacrifice” is the last straw for some people. Motorists have made their position clear by not using car parks that charge (as shown on last week’s front page photograph). I certainly don’t - if I can’t find a space I park at Sainsbury’s or Tesco but then it’s too easy to use supermarkets rather than the independent shops in the high street which the council purports to support.

Local organisations like the 3Bs and particularly Brighouse Business Initiative group have been so successful in recent years working hard to promote business in Brighouse which is the town’s life blood.

It has been calculated that for every £1 spent in a local shop, 63 pence goes back into the community as against 27 pence from supermarkets.

The council doesn’t seem to understand that it is vital that our local traders are listened to, encouraged and supported. It is yet another imposition on the motorist which will help to drive trade out of Brighouse. No, Mr Local Councillor, these “small sacrifices” will not create a big gain but ultimately a loss. brighouse

End of free parking is thelast straw

Nick Yates

(UKIP candidate, Brighouse)

Laverock Lane



Common-sense prevails over parking

Gary Heginbottom

Artisan Fireplaces


Mill Lane car park can now be seen with genuine shoppers able to park outside the business they’ve visited instead of risking a £30 parking fine.

Gone are the workers in town that for some reason resent paying 30 pence an hour to park their car safely all day.

We are even offering to pay our customers fee….most refuse to accept the pittance of 20 or 40 PENCE.

May we take this opportunity to thank Sainsburys for kindly accommodating our customers FOR FAR TOO LONG

Common sense prevails, AT LAST !!

What a waste of taxpayers’ money

Bob Mantle

Cawcliffe Drive


I happened to walk past the Church Lane car park in Brighouse several times last week. The number of cars parked there varied between 13 and five with eight being a typical figure. These figures were noted during what should be busy times. The usual number parked there before the introduction of charges was almost 50. Surely, it will take many years before the revenue collected covers the cost of meters, signs and staff to monitor the parking. What a waste of taxpayers’ money.

Further, it was noticed that the carparks in Brighouse town centre were also far from being full. All those empty spaces represent a failure on the part of the council. They indicate motorists have gone elsewhere or parked where they shouldn’t. What are carparks for? Apart from the obvious, they are there as an amenity to improve the local communities. They help people to live, work, carry out shopping, and to enjoy entertainment and cultural pursuits in the towns. They are needed to help create vibrant and prosperous town centres. Empty spaces are a total waste of resources.

It would be better making the charges 20p per hour with the first hour free or even making them all free and selling off the meters. Perhaps that would be a good test of whether the council is motivated to make money or do its best for the community.

Town Centre

Put your hands

in your pocket and pay up

Mr and Mrs Filby

Hove Edge

My husband and I regularly shop in Brighouse and nine times out of 10 park in the car park next to Milrys coffee shop on the canal side (Owler Ings Car Park).

We usually put in 80 pence even if we are not going to be two hours. I feel this is cheap and do not object to paying.

I enjoy shopping in Brighouse, it’s convenient, has all the shops you require for day to day, if it’s nice weather we walk along the canal.

There are coffee shops and restaurants, all you require. At Christmas there are lovely lights, summer time the flowers and baskets are wonderful.

We have the street markets during the year. All in all Brighouse is a nice place to be, if people object to the relatively small parking charges compared to other towns and cities then I suggest they go there.

The only people I think that complain are people who work locally and park all day but then that blocks up the car parks for shoppers.

You can’t have it all ways - if you want the amenities and a nice little town to shop in then stop moaning, put your hands in your pockets and pay up, it won’t break the bank.