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Mary Mitchell, Geoff Noble and Bernie Holdsworth at 1940's evening, Heartbeat Club, Church Lane, Brighouse.
Mary Mitchell, Geoff Noble and Bernie Holdsworth at 1940's evening, Heartbeat Club, Church Lane, Brighouse.

It was pleasing to read your news coverage by your reporter Maggie Woods concerning the 1940s party organised by the Brighouse Heartbeat group. This group does fantastic work in supporting those in Calderdale who have had or at risk of having a cardiac event. As someone who many years ago benefited myself from attending a group such as this in Calderdale, following a major heart operation, I cannot praise them enough for what they do.

I am delighted that Second World War veteran Geoff Noble was invited as special guest to the 1940s party. He continues to do remarkably well at the age of 89, in part due to his positive attitude to life and always taking good care of himself. He is a perfect gentleman and it is a great privilege to know him. It makes one proud to be British and to be able to live in a country such as ours and the freedoms we all enjoy through the previous dedicated military service of Geoff Noble and many others, past and present, who have given such dedicated service in the line of duty for their country.

I am sure that the support Geoff has received from the Brighouse Heartbeat Group has had a positive impact on his life following his own heart problems some years ago.

Speaking with Geoff Noble over the weekend in Hove Edge he brought to my attention, as his ward councillor, the importance of men over 65 having an Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm (AAA) Screening.

I now take this opportunity to pass onto your readers the information which he made available to me.

The AAA Screening is a relatively new screening programme that screens men in the year that they turn 65. This screening is FREE by the NHS and is undertaken by a simple ultrasound test at various locations across Calderdale and other nearby towns. Men over the age of 65 can request a test by contacting the AAA Screening office at Calderdale Royal Hospital on 01422 224204.

The test is designed to detect aneurysms early and then monitor and treat them. This greatly reduces the chances of the aneurysms causing a serious problem. Men aged 65+ are the most at risk and it is estimated that 1 in 25 men aged between 65 and 74 in England have a AAA. Thank you, Geoff Noble, for bringing this to my attention as it may save a life locally.


Praise for Heartbeat group

Councillor Graham Hall

Bolehill Park, Hove Edge

road safety

Coming round to our way of thinking

Anothony Rutherford

Finkil Street, Brighouse

Can I congratulate all our local Tories on coming round to the idea of road safety? They are the last of the three parties to do so. Oddly though they only support 20mph zones directly outside schools. Things aren’t the same outside every school and we really need 20mph as a default limit in residential areas. Everyone deserves protection not just children outside schools. Besides 20mph is a fantasy speed on Finkil Street when children are going to or leaving the schools. It’s simply far too busy.

Can I also congratulate Coun Scott Benton on realising that our ‘ Labour run’ council can’t spend money where it is really needed anymore? Apparently news of the last three years of government spending cuts hasn’t reached our local councillor (Brighouse Echo, Readers View, October 10) so can I summarise the facts for him?

Council budgets – that pay for services like libraries, children’s centres and, crucially, social care – have been cut more than any other bit of the public sector. The ‘ Conservative led’ ConDem coalition have cut the poorest areas far more than those in Tory-voting leafy shires. It seems we are all in it together but some of us are in it way deeper than others!

A fairer distribution of the existing resources would help. More affluent areas need to shoulder their fair share of the cuts. But that would be only a short term sticking plaster.

In the face of savage cuts the Council faces massive challenges. The cost of social care for the elderly and disabled is spiralling upwards as our population ages. Calderdale council has already made some unpleasant choices when it comes to balancing the books and with more cuts to come things will get worse. The challenge is to try and handle unfair cuts in a fair way. To keep services going has been tough but no children’s centres or libraries have closed.

I’ll have to agree with Scott and recognise that local areas are different. We both agree we should fight hard for Brighouse. It’s the second biggest town in Calderdale and very much an economic engine. If there is to be growth and job creation in Calderdale much of it will come about because of Brighouse. Our challenge is to ensure it remains a beautiful and safe place to live. Brighouse deserves the best but I hope Scott can agree that it’s the cuts that are holding us back and not a lack of ambition or vision for a better future.


Fitness centre is not a gym

Julia Tum

Via email

A good sized group of us completed a sponsored walk for Overgate Hospice, raising a tidy sum of money. The common thread between us was two fold. Firstly to support those who are at Overgate and secondly that we all attend PS4fitness. Paul Sterling wrote last week that his Fitness Centre it is not a gym. He was very emphatic about it. I have only been attending since August, but already I know that there are crucial differences.

According to Wikipedia the Greek word gymnasium means “school for naked exercise” and was used to designate a locality for the education of young men, including physical education which was customarily performed naked, as well as bathing and studies. WOW we have none of that at PS4fitness!

Most Greek gymnasia had libraries that could be utilized after relaxing in the baths. Well we don’t have that either! But what we do have is a very caring instructor, who only pushes us to our own level of capability and who is extremely dedicated to promoting an improved level of fitness and who motivates us at every step, or at every kettle bell lift, of the way. I have two young grandchildren and I want to be able to jump up and follow them as they scatter around the fields, and I was want to loose a little weight along my way. The daily classes keep me motivated and I can certainly feel and see the difference already. Wikipedia also says that gymnasia had teachers of wisdom and philosophy. Well PS4fitness has a teacher with infinite patience and expertise and can drive us forwards at the appropriate pace.

It’s not a gym, it’s a fitness centre Jim, but not as we know it!

bailiff bridge

Playing fields are a disgrace

Patrick Burnett

Via email

I have recently started to take my 18-month-old grandson for a bit of fresh air and playground activity at the Bradford Road field. We were there for approx 40 minutes between 1pm and 1.40pn on Monday October 7. During this time there were some 18 or so people walking their dogs, some with more than one.

Besides the fact that I could not believe that anyone was allowed to walk dogs on such a child friendly area, they all casually used the football pitch as the focal point of their activity. Whilst most removed their dogs’ deposits in various containers, some did not. And even the ones’ that removed it, must surely be aware that quite a bit of the residue of said deposits remained on the grass, awaiting some poor suspecting child, or football player to come into contact with it. Decidedly unhygienic!! My grandson repeatedly fell on the grass, hands first.

It seems to be necessary to carry means of rigorous disinfecting agents in order to avoid serious damage to his young health on future visits. Unless, of course the powers that be, do something about this disgraceful behaviour, as soon as possible. Dogs should be banned with immediate effect!