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Parents gather at Wellholme Park Surestart Centre to campaign against the potential closure of the nursery
Parents gather at Wellholme Park Surestart Centre to campaign against the potential closure of the nursery

So Coun Janet Battye says the Liberal Democrats “have no intention of closing any Children’s Centres”. Well she could have fooled me!

Since coming to power in 2010, the Lib Dem/Tory Government has cut the national budget for early years intervention by 40 per cent, presided over the closure of 558 Sure Start centres to date and cut the numbers offering day care to a mere 500.

In Calderdale, the Labour-led Council, struggling with huge government spending cuts, has just produced clear plans to keep all local Children’s Centres open and to preserve day care services wherever they exist.

Councillor Battye’s response was to try and delay the Labour scheme because it lacked “Vision”. What nonsense! Labour’s vision for Children’s Centres couldn’t be clearer. It is to keep them open and fully available to all local families who need and value them.

And that’s exactly what we intend to do.

Children Centres

Labour want to keep them open

Councillor Anne Collins

Lower Skircoat Green, Halifax

Hipperholme crossroads

Is bid supported by local people?

Councillor Colin Raistrick


Calderdale Council tells us at almost every opportunity how fond it is of public consultation and how interested it is in listening to the views of the electorate. Does it take any notice of those views when they are not in agreement with their opinions?

I have read the bid document that the council submitted to the government to persuade the Department of Transport to give the council £2.3 million to progress the scheme to redesign Hipperholme crossroads. (I know I should get out more!)

On page six it states, and I quote directly, “crucially, the bid will be supportable by local people”.

If this scheme is supported by local people I will eat CounBarry Collins’ hat!

There will be an open day at Christ Church in Hipperholme on Thursday, October 3, I urge all local people with an opinion to attend, 11am until 8pm. If you can’t get there you can call 0845 245 7000 or e-mail hipperholmecrossroads@calderdale.gov.uk

If the overwhelming majority of people are against the scheme, will the council scrap the scheme and inform the government that they were mistaken and they can have the money back? Honesty is always the best policy.

Hipperholme crossroads

Better ways of spending £3.4 million

Bob Horne

Bramley View, Lightcliffe

With regard to the proposed road plans for Hipperholme crossroads, reported in last week’s Echo, Councillor Collins is quoted as saying, “This will help reduce journey times to and from Halifax as well as making it safer for people to cross the roads.”

If the proposals are carried out, and if traffic does move more quickly along the A58 through Hipperholme, will this not mean that the long peak-time queues at the traffic lights at Stump Cross and the Wyke Lion will form more quickly, and consequently tail back even further? I don’t understand how it is possible for traffic to flow more quickly in either direction when these hold-ups will continue to occur no more than a mile to the east and west of Hipperholme crossroads.

Also, I’m not sure where Councillor Collins lives, but I can assure him that crossing the roads in Hipperholme is not a problem. The only way it could be improved is by making it a traffic-fee zone.

I’ll wait to see the detailed plans before forming a final opinion, but at the moment I can think of better ways of spending £3.4 million of public money.

Hipperholme Crossroads

Plans unveiled for village crossroads

Margot Lawson

St Giles Close, Hove Edge

But which crossroads? You can’t surely mean Hipperholme, surely?

For a clue I looked for Christ Church on a corner - so distinctive and easy to find.

No, it’s not there. Just lots and lots of oblongs, a ghostly grey or tan.

Ah, what a relief: they’ve solved all the problems. I spot 15 traffic lights and counting, one pedestrian and one car.

The Council can’t possibly expect us to take this angular confection seriously, so please submit a decent plan for public consideration.

If this is what the Planning Department has come to, could I suggest some good drawing lessons? Or, better still, sacking the jokers and incompetents?


Brighouse should become a ‘free’ town

Keith R. Hames

Via email

I have just returned home from a shopping trip into the town centre. I parked as usual in the Owler Ings car park, I visited four shops and spent the not inconsiderable sum of £538.46.

I returned to my car within the allotted time slot, and on leaving and joining the traffic I noticed a sticker on the far left corner of the windscreen, I first thought it was a Flyer for some retail establishment but quickly realised it was official!

I was aware that I had parked with the offside wheels perhaps 12 inches onto the yellow box in the left or town corner, this due to the adjacent vehicle also being off centre in their slot when I arrived, not wishing to get my doors bumped I allowed my car to maintain the gap by running onto the hatching.

The hatched area in this corner is large and only provides pedestrian access to the canal towpath hence as such in little used, I was certainly not blocking any access, indeed you could have driven a bus through the gap between myself and the adjacent car on the far side of the hatching, I even remember the personal registration plates of this vehicle.

So I had parked outside of the designated bay by 12 inches or so but not actually blocking or inconveniencing anybody else, however it seems this was a flagrant and wanton crime to be seized upon by the eagle eyed, ‘Civil Enforcement Officer’, I guess the title says it all. No discretion or benefit of doubt to be exercised here, issued with a PCN for the sum of £50.00

It’s just a money machine for the council, never mind the detrimental effect it might have on the Brighouse businesses were I simply to shop out of town, I was seething and immediately went to appeal on the Calderdale.Gov site only to be told I cannot do this for 24 hours. I wonder what additional business would be generated if the parking changes were completely abolished and Brighouse was advertised as a ‘free’ town!

I will not be parking in any Calderdale car park from this point forward!

MEP leaves the party

Godfrey Bloom

I have felt for some time now that the ‘New UKIP’ is not really right for me anymore perhaps than New Labour was right for the Denis ‘The beast of Bolsover Skinner’.

However our message is clear. Self Government. Our wonderful and loyal membership will win through with their dedication and hard work. It has been a pleasure to work with them for fifteen years.

May I take this opportunity to express my sincere thanks to the thousands of people who have supported me with messages of good will in the recent months and particularly in recent days. There have been simply too many to make a personal response, forgive me.

I shall sit out my term as an independent and give my whole hearted support to Jane Collins who is almost certainly going to be the next UKIP MEP and probably a second seat yet to be decided. I shall of course retain my membership.

Onwards and upwards!