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Shaun Walker with the world's fastest toilet, designed by Brighouse man Trevor Duckworth.

Shaun Walker with the world's fastest toilet, designed by Brighouse man Trevor Duckworth.

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Step aside Loo-is Hamilton, a new speed sensation from Brighouse has gone whizzing into the record books.

Trevor Duckworth has successfully set the Guinness world record by designing the world’s fastest toilet.

Ridden by Shaun Walker, the machine, which had to fully functional, reached a top speed of 70.9mph at the Straightliners event held in York.

Now Mr Duckworth is hoping his latest success isn’t a flash in the pan and aims to go even quicker.

“We’re delighted. It’s what we set out to do. We thought we would do it.

“In testing we got it up to 60mph but with a bit of playing around we got it to go quicker but we didn’t know we would go faster than what we did.

“The condition were really good and we broke the record with one run.

“The next target we are going for will be 100mph.

“There are few issues with the machine with the brakes and to get more power out of the engine.

“If we can get the tuning work done we will be making the next attempt at Elvington on August 16-17.”

Mr Duckworth, 69, has been racing and building machines from his garden shed for more than 50 years. In his time he has broken 21 world records and 28 British national records,

Working with Paul Cumpstone, it took the team a couple of months to convert a go-cart to accommodate the toilet.

Along with moving the 
accelerator and brake medals, they had to build in 
handle bars and transfer the throttle and brakes through them.

They were also supported by Rastrick company Millers Oils in their efforts.

Criteria for measuring British and world record attempts have been altered by the Auto-Cycle Union with the speed measured over a mile before going through a speed trap.

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