Travellers set up camp on recreation area

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A GROUP of travellers has moved onto a recreation area at Bramston Street, Rastrick.

Police are working with Calderdale Council to ensure that the travellers leave the site as soon as possible. Seven caravans moved onto the grassed area at Bramston Street on Monday to the consternation of local residents.

Undertaker Gavin Screen, who has a funeral chapel near the site, said he was concerned about the presence of the travellers and wanted action taken to stop them returning to the site.

Sgt Dean Maddocks from the Lower Valley NPT said the travellers had told police that they would be moving on in a few days time.

“I have asked them to be considerate to other people in the community and keep their children and dogs under control. I have also advised them to keep the area tidy. In the meantime we will be conducting regular patrols in the area,” he said.

Philip Schofield from the Parks Services at Calderdale Council and local councillors are also monitoring the situation.