Council should only debate local issues

Calderdale Council Budget Meeting at Halifax Town Hall'Pictured are
Calderdale Council Budget Meeting at Halifax Town Hall'Pictured are

Often there is a perception amongst some members of the public that voting in local elections is a waste of time as it doesn’t, in their minds, achieve anything.

A perception, perhaps, that Councillors are more interested in “playing playground politics”, rather than serving their communities.

I became a Councillor because I wanted to empower local people, to ensure that they had a voice and to assist them in working together to improve services and our local community.

The realms of local and national politics are quite distinct and should be kept entirely separate.

Is it any wonder, therefore, that members of the public become disillusioned with politics, when local councillors attempt to blur this distinction by debating issues and topics over which they have absolutely no jurisdiction or influence?

For example, over the past few months in Council we have been asked to debate national issues such as gay marriage, wasting valuable time and your money which could have been better spent discussing local issues.

Rastrick residents elected me to represent their everyday concerns, not to debate national issues such as this, over which the Council has utterly no influence.

I will always seek to defend and preserve the interests of the people in my ward, concentrating on local issues that affect local people.