Sneak thief snatches coat from charity shop window

Lesley Raistrick with the

Lesley Raistrick with the "naked" mannequin at Overgate Charity Shop, Brighouse.

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Volunteers at the Overgate Hospice in Brighouse do their best to make their donated items as attractive as possible to customers - but they were shocked when a new window display attracted the attention of a sneak thief. A newly-donated blue coat that had just gone on display in the window at the Bethel Street shop on Tuesday was stolen from the mannequin who was wearing it. Manager Jacky Yates: “We couldn’t believe the cheek of it. We do occasionally get things stolen but never from out of the window display. We felt we had to report it to the police in case the person concerned was going round to other charity shops attempting a similar thing.”

l Overgate Hospice is seeking £500 sponsorship to complete its Ladies Night at Bertie’s, Elland, on May 1.

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