Couple celebrates 60 years of marriage

Diamond wedding anniversary for Harold and Colleen Fillingham, of Bailiff Bridge

Diamond wedding anniversary for Harold and Colleen Fillingham, of Bailiff Bridge

A COUPLE who first met while on a trip to the cinema are celebrating 60 years of being married.

Harold and Colleen Fillingham, from Bailiff Bridge, were married at Scholes on December 27, 1952.

Despite having their big day in the middle of winter, they said the sun shone, there was no snow and it was not even too cold.

They started courting after meeting in the queue to see a film at the Star cinema in Wyke.

“If I’d gone out and really looked for someone who suited me, I couldn’t have found anyone better,” said Mrs Fillingham.

They have two sons - Stephen and Raymond - and two daughters - Carol and Sally .

They enjoy spending time with their children as well as their six grandchildren and nine great grandchildren.

Mr Fillingham, 81, worked as a farmer in Lightcliffe before becoming a joiner.

Mrs Fillingham, 80, used to work in packing at a factory near Chain Bar.

Mrs Fillingham says she enjoys reading, knitting and baking, while Mr Fillingham has always been a good handyman, doing jobs around the house.

They also enjoy going on holidays.

They used to live in Norwood Green and moved to Bailiff Bridge around 12 years ago.

They say their best advice for a happy marriage is learning to look after one another and to compromise.

“It’s give and take,” said Mrs Fillingham.

“You’ve got to do that or it won’t work.”

They celebrated their diamond wedding anniversary quietly with their family.




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