A burst of fire at school to celebrate festival ...

Castlefields Diwali event: Spinning fire is Ross Burton

Castlefields Diwali event: Spinning fire is Ross Burton

A DARK night electrified with a glow as Castlefields Infant School hosted its festival of light.

Ross Burton, performed fire spinning demonstrations including eating and juggling fire, lighting up the faces of the pupils at the Rastrick school.

The themed evening, organised by Friends of Castlefields, was part of the Diwali, the festival of light.

And as part of food from around the world week, each class chose a country and produced some delicacies

The evening was attended by more than 150 people who came equipped with their glow sticks to add that extra bit of light.

Leanne Geddes, teacher and member of Friends of Castlefields, said: “It was lovely. It was really well attended and the children loved it.

“It was busy throughout the evening and all the staff got together to help out. It was just a genuinely nice community event.

“At Castlefields we have a lot of children who travel to school from outside of Rastrick and it was nice just to get everyone together for the evening.

“The children thoroughly enjoyed it and they all had their glow sticks to wave. It was great to taste all the different types of food on offer too.”




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