Inside the Council: Lets make it a Christmas to remember

Brighouse christmas lights switch on and market
Brighouse christmas lights switch on and market

Now that Brighouse is nationally recognised and award winning for its enterprise, and its vibrant town centre, we need to ensure that we all try and work together to improve the look of the town.

The council will be giving money again this year for the Christmas lights, I am sure the BBI will be putting on a market, at the same time as the lights go on.

We do need to make sure we’re all working together to improve the town centre.

Having done several walkabouts and surveys in the town, I was disappointed to see that after asking the pavements on Commercial Street are patched up, and broken.

I know the council has very little money to improve the pavements but I do think we need to do something about them, including, putting up bollards to stop delivery wagons parking on the pavements, and breaking all the slabs.

By talking to shopkeepers who don’t have rear loading bays at the back of their shops they could ask their delivery people to come before trading starts or after 6pm when the town centre is quiet.

When I ask drivers and shopkeepers why they park on the pavement they say it’s to allow traffic through.

It’s getting to look grubby and could be unsafe for pedestrians. When visitors come and see some of the independent shops, and family run businesses in the town centre, I don’t want them to fall and injure themselves. So let’s see what we can do working together.

I am still trying to get the toilet block opened by the bus station, as just having three toilets that close at 6pm in the town centre is not enough.

Another area I am looking at for improvement is the now privately owned Wellington Arcade - it is looking run down and is full of graffiti which is very intimidating for a lot of people going to the post office, and through the town.

I have asked our land and property services for details of the owners so we can ask them to come and tidy it up. It needs a full refurbishment to do the town centre justice.

We have volunteers in groups throughout the town that are planting herbs that people can pick, the more people we can get to volunteer to help to keep Brighouse at the top.

By Councillor Colin Stout