Extension to licence at golf club

A Brighouse golf club has been granted permission to extend it licence to sell alcohol and extend the existing premises licence to cover the whole building.

Crow Nest Park Golf Club, Hove Edge, had applied to vary its licence by extending the hours they were allowed to sell alcohol.

The club had a licence to sell alcohol Monday to Saturday, 11am-11pm, and on Sunday 11am - 10.30pm.

Calderdale Council had recieved objections to the application to extend the sale licence up to 11.45pm, Monday to Saturday and up to 11pm on Sunday.

One resident said that they frequently suffer noise and disturbance late at night as customers leave, stand around chatting and smoking or wait for taxis.

Another said that if the licence is granted it would inevitably lead to the club looking to extend its opening hours.

They also added that breaches of previous planning conditions had been committed and were under investigations as well as environmental health looking into the on-going disturbances late at night.

At the licensing sub committee, Les Holmes, general manager at the club, said efforts had been made to talk to residents about their concerns.

He also said the breaches were committed during the previous ownership and not by the current management team which took over the running of the club in 2011.

“Staff are now instructed to leave in a quiet and orderly manner.

“We are concerned about causing public nuisance and we have tried to reduce the impact on residents.

“All deliveries are made after 8am and bin collectors are instructed to collect the rubbish after 8am.

“All guests are asked to leave quietly and DJ and performers advise people what time the bar shuts, what time people need to be out for and to leave quietly.

“Members are warned disciplinary action will be taken if they do not leave in an appropriate way and the new extension has up to date sound proofing system.”

Mr Holmes also informed the committee that they now have a single taxi firm the club deal with and they have been instructed to not drive at speed down the drive way and to not sound their horns while waiting outside.

Officers from Calderdale Council also said that a mediated meeting between members of the golf club and the residents opposing the extension to the licence was declined by the objectors.

Chair of the sub committee Councillor Robert Thornber said they had taken all the concerns of the residents into consideration but believed there were enough measures in place at the golf club to reduce public nuisance to grant the licence application.