Trees are cut down by firm doing work on Grassy Lane


Neighbours living near to the Persimmon Homes development in Hove Edge have been dealt another blow.

Workmen have been cutting down trees on a lane known locally as Grassy Lane for the laying of a sewer pipe. The work has now finished in the lane but various trees have just been hacked into some of which are on private land.

The subcontractors hired by the company who are building 146 homes on the site in St Giles Lane have split tree branches from the main trunk, others have been left split and damaged and one at the end of a garden has been badly scarred. Mark Stephenson has contacted the company about this damage and has since been offered an apology. “I am not happy that this damage has been done in the first place. The fact that they are going to try and make a do the best they can, I suppose is the best they can.”

He said there is also a mould of soil along the lane which will also be cleared up and some of the hawthorns which were removed replaced.

Mr Stephenson said that the councillors were also annoyed about the work and he had contacted the council’s tree section about the damage. “I know they have a job to do. But even the bollards haven’t been put back in since they did the work so it is open to anyone to go down. There is several safety issues with the houses being visible.”