Plans to ‘flip’ skatepark location . . .

Wellholme Park skate park.
Wellholme Park skate park.

A Brighouse community group has joined forces with Calderdale Council to raise funds to redevelop and relocate the skate park in Wellholme Park.

Build a Brighter Brighouse (3Bs) is in the process of applying for a grant to fund the redevelopment of the popular attraction, which according to the council will only last for the next two years, if work is not undertaken.

The scheme is expected to cost around £100,000. If the plans are passed work will start next summer with the skate park planned to be up and running by September.

Bill Terry of the 3Bs said it would be a great thing to replace the skate park, which is reaching the end of its life. “One of the issues is where it is going to be sited – if it will be in the same place or moved to the other side of the beck and that has yet to be decided.”

He said the general idea had been submitted to Calderdale Council’s planning department but a specific plan had not been drawn up. “The design has yet to be finished but we would like to get the opinions of the young people that use it to have an impact on it,” he said. “We are hoping to get a lot of feedback when the site board goes up.”

Mr Terry said with the cut backs to council services, they had no spare cash in the system and it was very difficult to find other partners to come in with them. Nick Yates, also a member of the group, said they didn’t want the skate park moving. “I think it is where everyone wants it at the moment. We would have gone through all the health and safety regulations originally and that is the best spot.

“We are happy to apply for the funding for improvements because it has been a good thing. There used to be a national competition held there and we need to get them back.”

Calderdale Council’s Head of Neighbourhoods, Andrew Pitts, said it was still at an early stage, and the exact location of the skate park and its design are yet to be decided.

“The location of the present skate park is not ideal, due to its location next to the children’s play equipment. In this location, the skate park attracts the younger children playing nearby, who want to go on the equipment with their small scooters or bikes. This naturally frustrates the older children for whom the skate park is designed, and could be dangerous. The area over the beck was identified as a possible location for a replacement facility. The current location could then be developed for young children’s bikes and scooters.

“However, there may be other solutions and we will look at all possible options. We will shortly be carrying out consultation though a leaflet drop within the locality and a site board will be placed next to the park, showing outline proposals and contacts. We will also be working with colleagues at the Brighouse Youth Centre to consult further with young people in the area.

“We will consider all the feedback we receive from residents and park users when deciding on the final scheme and realise the importance of balancing the requirements of the many different users of the park.”