Theatre team takes pupils on off piste journey

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Dreampark is a London based theatre company, whose actors tour the country performing plays in foreign languages for schools.

They joined the pupils at Hipperholme Grammar School to perform their latest French play “Hors Piste”.

It was a humorous play centred around a school skiing trip which encounters a lot of mishaps; the pace was fast-moving on account of all the adventures that happened to the two main characters and music and video clips were also included to break-up the scenes.

Having done a little preparation in class for the play beforehand, most pupils were pleasantly surprised to discover that they could follow a play spoken in French.

Audience participation made the play even more enjoyable and some of the pupils were chosen to go on stage and take part including a skiing scene in front of a spectacular snowy mountain backdrop.

Mrs Crossan was delighted with the pupils’ attentiveness throughout and Year nines Toby Ellis, Hannah Coe and Max Croad said: “It was educational and funny at the same time.

“I think the preparation beforehand helped a lot and I can’t wait for the next one.

“I followed the play and understood it, but the best thing was going up on stage and pretending to ski.”.

Year 11 students Lewis Ham, Theo Redfern and Georgia Pegg also enjoyed it, saying: “I thought it was a good pace and the language was easy to follow. It was great to be able to understand real French being spoken and I understood most of it.

“I thought it was really easy to follow, especially because we spent the lesson before going through some of the vocab used.”