Dancer aims to inspire kids to follow her steps

Charlotte Ingleson posing in a ballet move.
Charlotte Ingleson posing in a ballet move.

After touring Europe for 15 years, a successful ballerina has returned home with the hope to inspire other young ballet dancers to follow in her footsteps.

Charlotte Ingleson, 33, a former student at the Dorothy Stevens Dance and Theatre School, moved back a month ago and has set up the dance school Ballet North UK, to provide a chance for dancer in the North of England.

“For me, everything was always down in London and my poor parents had to travel all the time.

“There are a lot of people that teach dance that have not led the life of a ballerina and I want people to know what that is like.

“I will be holding workshops and course and want to invite professional dancers that I have worked with over the years, so that the children are taught by a mix of people.”

Charlotte has just returned from Estonia, after dancing with Rahvusooper Estonia but spent time dancing in Norway, Portugal and England.

“Travelling was wonderful and undescribable. That feeling when you stand on stage and you give your life for every performance.

“To be able to put on a piece of music and feel the music run through inside of you is such a magical feeling,” she said, describing her passion for dance.

While overseas, Charlotte gave birth to her five-year-old daughter Aurelia in Portugal and continued to work during her pregnancy.

Since returning to the community, Charlotte has been involved in fundraising for the RSPCA and will take on the ‘Catnapped’ challenge on August 3, where she will be locked in a cat pen for four hours and must raise £500 as ransom.

For more information on the dance school, visit or email Charlotte on