Stone thefts reveal a dangerous drop

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THIEVES nicking large sections of a wall are putting pedestrians’ lives at risk.

Brighouse councillor Colin Stout (Ind) said big sections of the wall in Bracken Road have been stolen by thieves revealing a 15 foot drop on the opposite side.

The wall is almost level with the pavement in places and the toppings have been stolen in others.

Councillor Stout has raised the issue with Sergeant Dean Maddocks of the Lower Valley Neighbourhood Policing Team when the duo toured the town to discuss any pending issues.

Councillor Stout said: “I have asked Sgt Maddocks to have a look at Bracken Road because of the big sections of wall which have been taken down to the pavement level.

“If a anyone was walking along there or a child fell down there it could be disasterous. Someone is stealing the wall and 90 per cent has already gone. We are trying to find out who owns the land because it was sold at auction. Hopefully they will re-establish the wall and put some fencing up.

“Sgt Maddocks has a lot of patrols going up there but he is going to keep an eye on it. But if anyone does see anybody just take their registration number and ring 101 and let them know that someone is removing the stone.”

He said that the steel gate which had prevented people from entering the site, formerly a care home, had also been stolen.

“It is starting to become an eye sore and a danger. A child on its bike could easily drop off the road and on to the other side,” he said.

During the tour the pair visited Wellholme Park, Brighouse, where the youngsters reported that parts of the skate park were being stolen.

The police have agreed to increase their patrols through the popular park.

They also visited Smith House Lane, Smithy Carr Lane and Granny Hall Lane before making their way to Brookfoot Lane making notes of motorists who park on the pavement and inconsiderate parking.

He said bollards may be implemented on the corner of Smithy Carr Lane and Dewhurst Road.