Speeding drivers spark a campaign

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A CAMPAIGN has been set up to improve road safety on a Brighouse estate.

Whinney Hill Residents Association is collecting a petition in a bid to install a 20mph speed limit along the Whinney Hill Park estate.

The campaign has been set up after a number of near miss accidents involving elderly residents and trouble with ‘boy racers’.

Member of the residents association Les Riach said: “The police have done speed checks along the estate and one motorist was caught three times for speeding.

“Many of the motorists who use the estate are sensible but you do get some that are exceeding the 30mph limit and putting peoples lives at risk.

“We have asked for signs but Calderdale Council’s roads safety department wouldn’t do it.

“But the 20mph limit does work in other areas like Elland and we think it will be ideal here.

“Putting in bumps would just cause problems for buses and the delivery vans that drop off at the shops but the boy racers would just see it as a challenge and race over them.

“Having a slower speed would make residents feel safer.

“It has gone on long enough. Now it is time for us to stop it.”

Councillor Scott Benton (Con, Brighouse) is helping the residents.

He said: “We have collected more than 100 signatures from both of the shops in the area supporting improvements for road safety measures in the area.

“Only a month ago a resident contacted me because she had just witnessed an elderly lady that had just nearly been knocked down. And at the last residents meeting it was decided to set up the petition.

“There are two long roads on the estate and the boy racers are taking advantage of that.

“There are young children in the area too who go to McDonalds or play on the park and there is an awful lot of elderly residents who live in the area.

“Having a 20mph limit would make the whole community feel safer and would send out a message that it is not here as a race track.”

The petitions are still available to sign and will be handed in by Coun Benton to Calderdale Council.