Stylist Kiyara gets a head start at business meeting

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Stylist and hair loss specialist Kiyara A-Roonchai was one of the guest speakers at a networking event in Brighouse.

Kiyara of Trikos Youthful Hair in Cleckheaton shared tops on how to grow and maintain a healthy head of hair by looking after hair from the inside out when she spoke at Ladies4Networking meeting at Prego’s in Brighouse.

She explained how the hormone, testosterone, makes men go bald, and the reasons for genetic hair loss and conditions like alopecia. There was also good news – as she outlined the methods she uses to tackle hair loss problems.

She said: ―”I’m passionate about helping people to get their confidence back after hair loss or after medical problems that may have affected their appearance – and what I love best is to see the glow in someone’s face after a successful treatment.”‖

The women also heard from Bev Shutak of Beverley Shutak Printing Services in Northowram, who explained how to avoid some of the mistakes businesses make when networking, and gave tips on getting the best out of the events.