‘Frog’ takes a giant leap

Gareth Davies at Frog Trade, Dean Clough.
Gareth Davies at Frog Trade, Dean Clough.

AN education technology supplier which has won the Malaysian Ministry of Education’s contract to install its learning platform technology will be led by a Brighouse woman.

Kate Heal, who has moved to the country with her family, is the operating officer for the new joint venture between Frog which is based in Halifax and YTL Group of Malaysia to form FrogAsia.

Kate will be responsible for the change management and training of 10,000 schools, both primary and secondary, on the Frog learning platform across Malaysia which will radically transform the way education is delivered to children.

She will create a community site that links all the schools together, as well as a widget store where schools can create and share content.

Frog will be used in all 10,000 state schools in both Peninsular Malaysia and East Malaysia, serving a total of 6 million users from YTL Communications’ purpose built data centre in Sentul, Kuala Lumpur.

Managing director of Frog, Gareth Davies, said: “We have won this opportunity because of the success we have created in the UK, both for ourselves and for the schools that we work with.

“We are delighted to be expanding abroad with an opportunity of this scale. We have invested heavily into a local joint venture with YTL to ensure both that this project is a success, and that it does not adversely affect our performance in the UK.

“In fact, we are very excited about the future road map that we are now able to provide for our schools in the UK due to this expansion. The next few years will be extremely exciting, both for Frog and for our customers.”

Kate’s husband Peter Bond said goodbye last month to colleagues at Denford’s, Armytage Road, Brighouse, after working there for 26 years.

He moved to Malaysiato be with his wife with their two daughters Ellie, seven, and Penny, six, who both attended Carr Green Primary School, Rastrick.

Peter had no plans to start a new job straight away but wanted to settle his family into their new home.