How to get your business on page one of Google - today

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If you have a website for your business you’ll know how hard it is to constantly bring new people to your website. Today I want to talk about how to get your business on page one in just a few hours and what you need to do to stay there.

Why you want to be on page 1

Recent research showed that up to a staggering 87% of all clicks went to the first 5 listings on the Google search results page, which means the other 5 million web page results are fighting it out for the other 13% of traffic.

The fastest way - video

Everyone has probably heard of YouTube? Not only is it the #2 search engine in the World but it is also owned by Google.

Historically famous for videos about cute cats & dogs and home videos, it is now a powerhouse for small businesses who want to get visibility on the internet.

Google is searching YouTube constantly 24/7 and because so few businesses use it, you can actually appear on page 1 within the hour.

That’s the easy but, the hard part is staying there, here’s 5 other things you can do in the medium to long term to appear on the 1st page of Google:

1 – Add new things to your website regularly. Blogs, products or news, this keeps Google coming back

2 – Add the Twitter button and Facebook logo to your site and connect them to your social media accounts

3- Make sure your site can be indexed by Google

4- Run a free SEO check on your site using or similar and implement the recommendations

5- If you are an individual, claim your “authorship” from Google. Find out more at

Above all, be consistent, be authentic and keep your customers in mind when writing or recording a video. Visit the Courier website for a short video for tips on how to record and publish your videos quickly.

Have a great week!




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