Green belt under threat in picturesque village

The land between Clifton and Brighouse that could be developed for jobs. Mainly in Clifton Common and next to the Holiday Inn

The land between Clifton and Brighouse that could be developed for jobs. Mainly in Clifton Common and next to the Holiday Inn

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A PICTURESQUE village could be under threat if people don’t speak out, according to residents.

If the Local Plan is put forward in it’s present state it could mean that 104 acres of land would be developed in Clifton as part of the plan that will shape the future of the area over the next 25 years.

Members of Clifton Action Group are urging people to attend the second Local Plan drop in session that has been organised by Calderdale Council on Monday at Brighouse High School’s Sixth Form, starting at 6.30pm.

They say that the threat still exists to build on what is currently Green Belt land on either side of Thornhills Lane. The proposal is to build 500 houses to the west and on the eastern side of the land there are plans for industrial units, offices and an undisclosed number of houses. And there is an additional piece of Green Belt land that could be taken for 20 houses opposite the Armytage Arms.

Another site includes Green Field land bounded by Wakefield Road, Coal Pit Lane and Clifton Common to create an office park.

Members have concerns that residents could be unaware of what could happen if the sites are taken out of Green Belt for future planning requirements.

Chair of the group Howard Blagbrough said: “The residents of Clifton should seriously ask themselves, what does the area need, certainly not more traffic congestion than at present.

“If the above proposals went ahead, Brighouse would literally seize up. Brighouse, Clifton and Thornhills will be unable to sustain all this development.

“These developments and the systematic encroachment on to Green Belt and open spaces through Brighouse, including Hove Edge and Hipperholme, will have a devastating effect on the town and change its character forever to the detriment of all residents.

“The question is, are residents willing to accept this and put up with even greater congestion that would result as their fields are concreted over, or are they willing to make a stand?”

Clifton Action Group is currently looking for members who are concerned about potential urban “sprawl” and impending unacceptable developments in their locality. Contact David or Em Armitage on 01484 716034.

The consultation runs until December 14.

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