Campaign to help people against dangerous blue light

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A Hipperholme optician will be ‘turning its store blue’ as part of a national campaign to highlight the risks of potentially harmful light.

Thornton & Wright Opticians will be offering free advice on the dangers of blue-violet light - part of the visible light present in sunlight, and emitted by smartphones, tablet devices and energy-saving lightbulbs today (Thursday).

Andrew Thornton, optician at the store, said: “Most of us don’t realise that days spent glued to our smart phones and computers, followed by evenings on the laptop or slumped in front of the TV could pose a risk to our eyes.

“Research tells us that these types of device all send out a form of potentially harmful blue light which can disrupt sleep, affect our mood and, most importantly, damage the cells in the eyes, increasing the likelihood of future eye disease.”

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