Bravery award for quick-thinking tot who rushed to help unconscious cousin

Chloe Moss, three and Harvey Boothman, six-years-old, at Field Lane Primary School.
Chloe Moss, three and Harvey Boothman, six-years-old, at Field Lane Primary School.

A three-year-old will be rewarded for her bravery after helping her cousin, Harvey Boothman.

The seven-year-old was playing in the back garden of his Field Lane home in Rastrick with Chloe Moss when he came off his bike and launched over the gate hitting his head.

Harvey’s mum, Jayne, said: “Chloe came to stay for her tea and was playing in the back garden. Harvey was on his bike and it looks like he was flying down that fast that he has gone over the gate and knocked himself out.

“The only thing I heard was Chloe saying ‘Harvey wake up, wake up Harvey’. She knows she isn’t allowed out of the gate so she was dangling herself over the fence helping Harvey. She eventually managed to wake him up and I rushed him to Calderdale Royal Hospital.”

Harvey suffered from bruises and scratches on the side of his head and behind his ear in the accident on Monday evening.

“They did a full check on him and told me to keep a close eye on him because he had knocked himself unconscious,” she said. “But Chloe was calmer than me and kept asking me if he would be okay. But it was thanks to her that it came round a lot quicker than what he would have done.

“I am extremely proud of her and couldn’t stop saying thank you.”

The youngsters both attend Field Lane Primary School, Rastrick, and head of school Vanessa Dear said Harvey had returned to school on Wednesday.

She said Chloe did extremely well to keep yelling at him to wake him up. “She was shaking him and shouting at him to wake up. And I think because of her actions he did wake up sooner,” said Mrs Dear.

“We are going to be giving her a super hero certificate and medal because she did a lovely thing. Harvey returned to school yesterday and he was laughing and smiling. He hasn’t been phased by what has happened at all.”