A Level Results Day

Rastrick Sixth Form College A level students with their exam results
Rastrick Sixth Form College A level students with their exam results

There have been tears of joy and happiness as hundreds of teenagers throughout Brighouse received their A level results today.

Nationally the pass rate increased for the 29th year in a row.

While many celebrated getting, some were left to scramble for university places through clearing.

Schools and teachers have been working hard and were confident they would be able to find a university place for those who did not get the grades they wanted.

For full details, pictures and stories of all the results from schools in the area pick up next week’s edition of the Brighouse Echo.

List of results

Key to subjects

a, Art; ab, Applied business; acc, Accounts; ad, Art & Design; ag, Art Graphics; ah, Ancient History; ahi, Art History; am, Applied Mathematics; app ict, Applied Information & Communication Technology; app sc, Applied Science; arc, Archaeology; asfs bt, Applied Science (Forensic Science) BTec; bi, Biology; bs, Business Studies; bs bt, Business BTec; c, Construction; ch, Chemistry; cl, Classical Studies; cm, Communication Studies; cmp, Computing; cn, Chinese; cst, Computer Studies; ct, Critical Thinking; cw, Creative Writing; d, Design; da, Dance; dm, Drama; dt, Design Technology; ec, Economics; ed, Engineering Drawing; ee bt, Understanding Enterprise & Entrepreneurship BTec; el, English Literature; en, English Language; enl, English Language & Literature; et, Electronics; ev, Environmental Studies; ex, Expressive Arts; exp, Extended Project ; fl, Film; fm, Further Maths; fr, French; fs, Film Studies; ft, Food Technology; gc, Graphical Communication; ge, Geology; gg, Geography; gm, German; gp, Government & Politics; gs, General Studies; hb, Human Biology; hi, History; ho bt, Hospitality BTec; hs, Health & Social Care/Health Education; hs bt, Health & Social Care BTec; ict, Information & Communication Technology; ict bt, IT practitioners BTec; it, Information Technology; it voc, Information Technology (Vocational); ks, Key Skills; la, Latin; lw, Law; ma, Mathematics; ms, Media Studies; mt, Music Technology; mu, Music; p, Portuguese; pa, Performing Arts; pa bt, Performing Arts BTec; pd, Product Design; pd3, Product Design (3D); pdt, Product Design (Textiles); pe, Physical Education; ph, Physics; pho, Photography; pl, Philosophy; pm, Pure Mathematics; pms, Pure Mathematics with Statistics; po, Polish; ps, Political Studies; psy, Psychology; pu btt, Public Services BTec; re, Religious Education; ret bt, Retail BTec; sc, Science; so, Sociology; sp, Spanish; ss, Sports Studies; st, Statistics; t, Theology; te, Technology; th, Theatre Studies; tt, Travel & Tourism; tt bt, Travel & Tourism; tx, Art & Design Textiles; ur, Urdu; pa bt, Performing Arts BTEC; ict bt, IT practitioners BTEC; pu btt, Public Services BTEC; ee bt, Understanding Enterprise and Entrepreneurship BTEC.

Hipperholme Grammar school A level results

R Aujla, el, hi, re ; S Bashir, ma, dt, ph,; R Davies, bs, hi, re; J Firth, bs, pe, gg; V Hendry, bi; J Hoyle, el, hi, pe, ; J Johnson, el, bs; N Mashinter, el, hi, re; K Narey, el, a; T Nicholson, el, a, dt; K Pawson, el, re; M Saville, ma, pe, dt, ph; C Smith, pe, bi; O Wilson, el, hi, re; B Wood, hi, pe, re.

Hipperholme and Lighcliffe High School A Level at A2 Level results

K Baker gs, ss bt; A Battye, bs,,en, gs, psy; A Belgrave dm, el, gs, psy; J Bentley el, ms, psy; R Bolton ch, gs, ma, psy; P Boothroyd so; A Boulton gs, psy, ss bt; R Brander en, fl, gs, ms; M Brewerton-Singh, cl, fl, gs, pe; B Broadbent cl,gs,psy, so; B Brotherton gs, app ict, ma, ph; J Carter en, el, gs, psy; E Clayton cl, el, fl, gs; M Collinge bi, gs, ma, ph; H Craig bi, ch, gs, ma; A Cronin pe; S Cursley bs, ch, el, gs; R Dance, pho,, ab, ms; A Davies fl, a, ms; C Davies dm, el, fl, gs; N Dearlove bi, fl, psy; H Dennett hs, psy, so; A Dixon fl, a, gs, psy; K Eccleston bi, fr, gs, psy; K Edgar cl, da bt, dm, gs; L Ellis bi, ch, gs, ma; H Faridi ch, gs, ms; D Farrar gs, gg, ss bt; A Feltrup cl; J M Firth dm, psy; B Fleming ft, en, psy; J Foulds a, ss bt; C Gajic el, a; R Gatenby bi, ma, ph; L Gibson ft, en, gs, pe; B Glennon bi, ch, gs, ma; L Halliday gs; L Hamer dm, ss bt; J Hanks gs, gg, psy; J Hardie hs, so; G Holton ab, psy, pe; S Huggon bi, psy, pe; D Hussain ms; M Ilyas ab, psy; S Jamil psy; R Joyce gs, app ict, ms; S Kalanovic ms, psy, pe; R Kitson bs, en, el, gs; K Litjens bi, ch, ph; A Lloyd ms, pe; S Lockey bs, en, gs, pe; T Love ch, gs, pe; A Lowe ab, pe; C McCullough ft, dm, hs; L McCullough el, gs, hs, psy; R McFadyen gs, psy, pe; S McKelvey ab, ms; S Neal, pho el, gs, ms; C Newby bs, gs, pe; D Parker el, ma; E Ramsdin dm, hs, pe; S Richardson gs, pe, ss bt; L Rivett gs, ms; A Rivron cl, en, fl, gs; G Robertson ab, ss bt; L Roche el, gs, ms, psy; B Rowell bi, gg, ms; Z Saeed bi, ab, ch, gs; J Shrivell el, ms, so; JL Smith ab, ss bt; J Sykes bi* , ch, gs, ma; N Taylor en, gs, app ict, ms; K Thackray ft, en, gs, pe; A Tordoff ft el, gs; L Tordoff en, a, gs, psy; E Unsworth el, hs, psy; P Wilczynski bi, gs, ss bt; N Windle cl, gs, psy; C Wood, pho, bi, gs , pe.

Rastrick High School Year 13 A2

S Ahmed, AS, ICT ; D Ahmed, AS, Q, IT; A Ali, EL; S Ali, AS, IT; T Ali, IT, SOC; A Asquith, EC, T, IT; S Azhar, EC; C Bains, MA; R Barwick, Hi, TX; H Bashir, AS, IT, ME; J Bassi, B, C,T ; B Beal, Q, MA, PY; N Booth, IT, TX; A Bottomley, EL, H, IT; F Bottomley, IT, PHO; S Braithwaite, B Q, MA, P; L Bushby, EL, PE; J Carey, E, Q, H, IT; N Charlesworth, IT, PHO; A Cording, E; S Cornelly, AS; G Cowen, EC, E, ME; S Dealey, T, MA, P; D Dennison,; K Dhothar, SOC; R Dixon, IT, MA, PHO; D Ellis, ET, IT, P; T Eyles, EC, H, ITt; D Farley, BH, MA, P; H Farooq, AS, ; C Forbes, MA, P; E Fox, B, C, PY; B Freeman, C, EL*, MA, PE*; S Gale, IT, PHO; L George, DT, T; L Gill, IT; J Goveia, Q, SOC; K Gray, EL,; A Greenhough, E, H, IT; M Hameed, IT, MA ; J Hampton, PE; R Hare, T, Q, H, IT; J-L Hawtin, AD IT; J-L Hemmings, IT, SOC; C Hickey, H, T, IT, PY; T Hirst, R Hopper, EC, MA, P; J Horne, EL, ME; S Houlahan, ET MA, P; K Hussain; S Hussain, E, IT; A James, C, EN P; K Jones, BH, PY; M Kaur, BH, IT, MA; K Kaur, IT; N Kaur, EL, IT, ME; R Kaur, AS, ME, TX; J Khan, EC, IT, MA; N Kissoon, MA, P; D Knight, C, T, MA; E Kroliczek, H, MA, SOC*; J Lawson, EC H, PE*; C Lister, EN, IT; B Maffin, AD, MA; M Majid, B, C MA; M McPhee, EC, MA; O Menaghan,T, MA, P; K Middleton, B, C, Q, IT; C Muyanga,; H Najda, B, C, P; Z Pasha, C MA, P; S Pearson, IT, DT; H Plummer, EL, IT, PA; M Rahman; D Read, E, MTEC, P, PY; G Riar, EC, H, Q; M Richardson, T, IT, MA*, P*; A Rowe, IT, ME, S; I Saleem, B, C, F Saleem,; S Sarwar, ; R Schofield, AS, IT PE; A Simpson, MA, DT; N Simpson, C, BH, PY; T Smith, TX; J Stoker, BS, IT; J Storry, PHO; E Stoutt, EL, IT, PE; J Street, BS*, C, MA; J Suttle, BH; S Tariq, C, IT, BH; E Thomas, Bi, PE, PY; R Tomlinson, BS, Q, IT; H Townley, H, IT, MUS, PY; O Turner, BS*, IT, MA, DT; J Wade, ME, PHO; J Walker, IT, SOC; A Wdowczyk, EC, IT, T; A White, EC, T, IT; R Wells, C, MA P; J Wilby, EC; B Wisdom, EL, MUS; D Woods IT; M Younis, EC, PY, T

Brighouse Year 13

F Ahmed,bs,ict,bs bt,ret bt; N Ahmed,en,fr,lw; F Akhtar,ms; A Akram,en,gs,so; S Arak,ct,dm,el,hi; D Attfield,hi,ms; T Avery,bi,ch,ct,ma; A Bamforth,en,app sc,pa bt; A Begum,bs bt,ps btt; J Bentley,ict,bs bt; J Briggs,ct,gg,ma,mu; H Brimelow,hi,bs bt,ret bt; J Buffett,ms,re,gs; G Burrell,gg,hi,gp; R Cassidy,bs bt,so,ct; K Chatterley,lw,gp,bs bt; F Clark,en,ms,so; J Coates,ss,bs,hi; L Coy,en,hi,ps btt; J Crawshaw,bs bt,mu,pa bt; H Deery,bs bt,ret bt; R Devlin,ict,ma,ph; E Dewhirst,ad,el,hi; J Dobson,bs bt,ct,ict bt; J Doyle,en,hi,ms; Me Doyle,pho,so,hs; Mi Doyle,bs bt,gp,re; S Drake,el,ret bt; J Eastwood,bs bt,ict bt; E Field,bi,ch,ph; J Fulton,bs bt,ms,ret bt; C Graham,bs,ct,hi,gp; T Greenwood,bs,en,ss; S Haigh,el,ms,pa bt; J Haley,psy,ct,bs bt; C Haw,dm,ms,pa bt; E Hill,lw,psy,so; R Hoggard,hi,bs bt,ps btt; L Hoggarth,ct,hi,gp,so; R Holden,hi,psy,hs; C Horner,bs bt,en,ret bt; B Horsfall,bi,ch,ct,hi; J Hull,psy,app sc,so; R Hunt,bs bt,lw,ma,so; A Hussain,ret bt,ict bt; S Hussain,bs bt,ps btt; U Hussain,bs bt,ret bt; E Jessop,bs bt,ms,re,so; M Johnson,bs,ct,hi,psy; N Kazmi,en,re; B Kearns,el,hi,gp; M Kearns,hi,gp,re; T Kearns,hi,gp,re; J Kearsley,bi,ch,lw; E Keast,bs bt,so; E Khan,bs bt,so; Z Khan,bs bt; R Kimberlin,lw,gp,bs bt; L King,lw,mu,so; S King,hs,bs bt; C Kitson,el,hi,psy,en; S Laycock,hs,ps btt; W Leah,bs bt,ret bt,ps btt; D Leahy,bs bt,ct,ict bt; C Lister,bi,ch,ma,ph; A Lund,en,hs,so; M Macdonald,en,hi,ms; L Marescaux,ict,hi,gp; J McKay,bs bt,ct; C McMoran,ict,ma,ph; C McTasney,lw,gp,re; H Metcalfe,gg,hi,lw; J Molloy,bs bt,ret bt; J Moulds Clayton,bs bt,hi; S Nanou,bi,ch,ct,fr; T Narey,psy,ss,bs bt; A Neill,bi,so,pa bt; R Newson,bs bt,el; L O’Brien,bs,en,gg; J Priestley,bs bt; M Qasim,app sc,bs bt; D Qayyum,en,ct; T Rafiq,pd3,ict,gs; A Reheem,el,ict bt; S Rayner,bs bt,ict bt; B Roberts,bs bt,ict,lw; G Robertshaw,bs,hi,ss; H Robinson,hs,lw; A Robson,pho,gs,app sc,bs bt; Z Sadiq,ps btt; A Shaban,bs bt,re,ict bt; D Shackleton,pho,ict,ms,so; H Shahid,psy,bs bt; D Simpson,ct,ma; P Slee,bs bt,so; J Smith,pho,bs bt; R Smith,fs,hi,so; L Suddick,hs,ps btt; J Sykes,bs bt,pd3; I Tariq,gs,ict,gs; A Thornton,bs bt,hi,ret bt; G Tomlinson,bs bt,ret bt; S Uttley,bs bt,ps btt; I Vaezzadeh,ch,ct,ict,ma,ph; M Wadsworth,dm,hi,pa bt; A Walker,bi,psy,hs; E Walker,bs bt,ret bt,ps btt; R Walker,so,bs bt; E Wells,dm,el,mu,fr; A Whitaker,bs bt,ret bt; B Whittaker,bs bt,ms,so; N Williams,psy,so,pa bt; B Wilson,pd3,hi,ss; C Wood,ch,hi,ph; C Wood,hi,re,bs,gg; A Worsick,bs bt,en,ret bt; J Wraith,bs bt,gg,ict bt; C Youssefbeygi,bs,ss; S Zadah,app sc,so,ps btt; A Zeb,en,ms,so;