Seeking answers to questions about school memorabilia

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This week I heard from the Reverend David Wilding who for many years was the vicar at St Matthew’s Church at Lightcliffe. I have known him for many years and when he was at St Matthew’s we would often discuss different aspects in our mutual interest of local history.

David wrote an interesting booklet many years ago about the old church at Lightcliffe and even now I still use it regularly as a reference book. Whilst they are very scarce if you come across one it is a local history gem worth buying.

Quite recently David’s son Nick bought a couple of interesting items off the internet auction website eBay, both relating to Hipperholme Grammar School. Even after exhaustive enquiries through many of David’s old teaching contacts and ‘old boys’ from the school they have drawn a blank.

The first is a small medal which is about the size of an old half-penny and is bronze in colour and is in a small presentation case with the name of the Halifax jeweller Alfred Z. Sindall (he lived at Selby House Stump Cross in 1905) who was trained as a silversmith and goldsmith in London. He established one of his early businesses in Union Street, Halifax, during the mid 1870s but in 1884 he moved into 8 Commercial Street the same address on the presentation case for the medal.

On the front of the medal is the school coat of arms and on the reverse are the words ‘Obstacle Race Over 13 Years’. That certainly tells us it was a school sports day prize but with no name or date of the particular sports day there are no further clues as to its age or who did win the race.

The second piece of Hipperholme Grammar school memorabilia is a spoon with the Hipperholme Grammar School coat of arms on the end of the shaft. There are no further clues to the age of the spoon or why it was produced.

I would be very pleased to hear from any readers who can give any information about either of these pieces of what are possibly rare pieces of Hipperholme Grammar School memorabilia.

If you do know anything about them please contact Nick Wilding direct on his e-mail