Pupils can do it for school funds

Longroyde School can collecting December 13, 1991.
Longroyde School can collecting December 13, 1991.

I am sure we can all remember when we collected wastepaper for the organisations that our children, nephews and nieces and friends children were associated with.

Looking back those premises used for storing the paper were practically fire traps. Bundles of paper tied up with string packed to the ceiling – ‘we must have a full wagon load to make it worthwhile’ - the more you collected the more money you received.

Do you remember those people who saved silver paper from sweet and chocolate wrappers and it would all be rolled up to make a huge ball?

Then there was a time when some of you took empty ‘pop’ bottles back to the shop. While this was an early form of recycling none of us were that ‘green’ in those days - it was, of course, just for the monetary return on the bottles.

In this photograph which was taken in December 1991 these eight Longroyde school students are proudly showing off all the aluminium cans the school has collected.

Back in those days this was another excellent recycling project and the cash return on these crushed cans would have swelled the school’s coffers very nicely.