90s Pupils doing their bit for the environment

editorial image

This group of Lightcliffe CE school pupils certainly picked a fine day to be going down the normally wet and muddy Coach Road across from the school collecting litter. The photograph was taken 18 years ago and I am sure that most of the children will remember that day when they all did a bit for the environment

The school children in our other featured photograph this week would have walked over the Lightcliffe railway tunnel bridge to do their environmental cleanup.

This photograph with a steam train having been driven from Bradford is probably about to pull in at Lightcliffe station 1937.

I well remember watching similar scenes of steam trains pulling in to the station during the late 1950s myself but I cannot remember what the large building is on the right hand side.

I have spoken to a number of local railway enthusiasts but they have no idea what the building was or what it might have been used for.

I considered it to be a railway building but it is the wrong side of the fence.

If any reader knows what that building was used for I and a number of enthusiasts would be intrigued to know.

Having looked at the photograph greatly enhanced I spotted a strange thing which is obviously out of place.

On the right hand side is what appears to be an oil drum lying on its side and directly behind it sat on the low wall is an animal watching the train go by.

It is a lion carved in stone – how it got there remains a mystery but where it came from is an easier question.

In 1917 when Crow Nest was put up for sale at public auction similar carvings can be seen on some of the sale catalogue photographs.

How it got to Lightcliffe and was it thrown away when the station was demolished another mystery which probably will never be answered.